Today in Food Tech: Turn Baby Messes Into Art and Keep Your Wine Fresh Longer

In recent years, food and technology have become so intertwined that they’ve begun referring to one another as brothers from another mother. Not a week goes by that we don’t see some cool new food-related innovation that could very well change how we chomp forever. Why, here are two now!

First up, a baby bib that proves the age old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” The ridiculously named Goo Period Vincent Van Bib is a simple concept. Basically, it’s a bib with a frame on it. That way, when the baby in your life inevitably spills food all over themselves, you can pass it off as art. It’s only $7 which is around how much money Vincent Van Gogh made in his lifetime.

Speaking of Vincent Van Gogh, it really sucks when wine goes bad. The Savino is poised to ensure you never have to throw away a half-full bottle again. The genius in this product is the float mechanism, which acts as a barrier between those two ancient enemies, wine and oxygen. Once you pour the wine in and seal it shut, it will remain drinkable for another week. The bad news? Now you don’t have an excuse to polish off an entire bottle in a night.