Today in Apocalypse News: Emergency Ramen Canisters Are a Thing

News of the Mayan Apocalypse may have come and gone, but that doesn’t stop the more conspiratorial-minded among us to find newer and fresher apocalypses to hang their heads on. In any event, when one of these things goes down, the survivors are going to need to eat. So why not ramen?

Nissin Foods, maker of those little bags of ramen noodles that you used to eat in college, has announced they are releasing an Emergency Ramen Canister which is designed to fuel whatever dire situation you may one day find yourself in. They will be available in two flavors, Chicken Ramen and Cup Noodles. The canisters even come packed in with a fork just in case the pending apocalypse is cutlery-related.

The company says the canisters last three years, which is news to us considering we were sure the old-school bags of ramen lasted at least twenty. That explains a lot, actually. Pardon us while we make an appointment with our doctor.