3 Ways to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

Listen brides — we know that getting married is a really stressful time and anyone who tells you otherwise can seriously suck it. The only magic a groom and his future bride feel is when one of them chugs 30 milliliters of NyQuil and knocks-the-fork-out.

Yeah, we know planning was fun for the first 10 minutes. And if movies like Bridesmaids and 27 Dresses have taught us anything, it’s that being a bridesmaid ain’t all it’s cracked up to be either — they’re the real troopers. Here are a few tips to keep your best buds happy despite your soon-to-be craziness.

Let them have a say in the dress selection

A pink, tight-ruffled mermaid dress will not flatter the 5’1 heavier frame. In fact, with a “one size fits all” approach to dress selection, you may be condemning your bffs to a day of torment. If you turn into a dictatorial army sergeant they may be resentful, especially if they’re wearing something that’ll make ’em feel like plastic-wrapped gnomes for the day. Have them try on dresses they feel good in and match colors accordingly.

Don’t force them to pay stupid amounts of money

Remember, it’s your day, not theirs. Forcing bridesmaids to pay a fortune — a fortune that would have been better spent on a nice pair of Louboutins — is selfish. You also have the bachelorette party where they’ll pay in more ways than one (I don’t care how sexually frustrated a lady might be, no one wants to see jiggling man bits that close to her face).

Make ’em a good meal

Thinking the world revolves around you means a ticket straight to Bridezillatown, population: you. Realize that while it is your day to look magnificent as you marry what’s-his-name, you have many people to be grateful for. Invite them over for some quality time, away from all the planning, primping and mascara-smearing meltdowns. Food is always a great way to enjoy company, especially after everyone has been on a liquid diet in order to fit into your repulsive bridesmaid dresses.

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