Where to Get a Kangaroo Burger if You’re Into That

The faraway land of Australia has brought us Vegemite, Crocodile Dundee and more Blooming Onions then we can shake a cricket bat at. There is still much more to plunder from the land down under, however. Too long have kangaroos been allowed to appear in movies and hop around the continent freely, joeys in toe. It’s time we eat the heck out of them.

One restaurant in Queens, NYC, has that very same idea. The Thirsty Koala sells a diverse array of kangaroo-related food items, including burgers, steaks and sliders. They have proven so popular that the owner says kangaroo outsells even beef. “There’s a lot of other meat out there. People are eating elk; they’re eating emu; they’re eating ostrich,” she said. “So why not kangaroo?”

In case you are wondering, $15 will get you an 8-ounce kangaroo burger with all the fixings, including bacon, beet root slaw, pineapple, caramelized onion, goat cheese and a fried egg. Eat up, but beware, next time you watch Kangaroo Jack, you might feel guilty.