These Fat Pants Enlarge to Fit Your Post-meal Gut

We’ve all been there, sitting around the dinner table as your uncle makes the inevitable crack about having to loosen his belt a few notches after eating. It’s a joke as old as time itself, and yet nobody has ever called that fun-loving uncle on his bluff. Well, now you tell him there is an actual pair of pants that will help accommodate overindulgence.

Betabrand’s Gluttony Pants can shrink and enlarge to suit the current size of your gut. After a particularly brutal meal, you’ll be as a snug as an overweight bug in a pair of adjustable pants. It works via a trio of cleverly named adjustable buttons, which are Piglet, Sow and Boar. Now you’ll be able to hide that food baby away like the shameful creature that it is.

The only downside to these girth-cloaking pants? A pair will set you back a cool hundred bucks, which if our calculations are correct, works out to over sixty pounds of stuffing.