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Final Four: Best College Eats

**Voting for the Final Four has closed. To cast your vote for the Championship Game, head here.

We’re down to the Final Four in “Bracket Battle: Best College Eats”. Find the polls to cast your vote below, plus recipes for the dishes to try at home. The Final Four round runs until April 3rd at 3pm ET.

The full schedule can be found here.

In the first match-up, Kentucky is being represented by Tolly Ho Restaurant‘s Ho Burger (featuring the MVP of the tournament, Cheddar Tots). They’re facing Marquette and the Real Chili Restaurant, which serves up a chili-topped bowl of spaghetti named after the school.

Make It at Home: Ho Burger with Cheddar Tots

Make It at Home: The Marquette

In the second match-up of the Final Four, it’s Vitek’s BBQ and their infamous Gut Pak representing for Baylor as they try to take on the University of Montana and the Cascade Country Store‘s Breakfast Burrito.

Make It at Home: The Gut Pak

Make It at Home: Griz Breakfast Burrito

Vote for which dish you think should make it to the championship match:


Comments (1668)

  1. Dey took yur meeeel posted 04/01/2013

    "The Marquette" … It's called a 3-way and we have those in Kentucky too.

    • Shady posted 04/01/2013

      It's 5 WAY

    • uktown posted 04/02/2013

      and who doesn't have burger and tots…how original!

    • Chased down sue posted 04/03/2013

      Except there it involves family members

    • Name posted 04/03/2013

      Skyline? Gold star? If you ev had this one by comparison, you'd be voting for it.

    • Antonio Radicci posted 04/03/2013

      I have no idea, what "DEY TOOK YUR MEEEE!", means, however,"I LUZ CHILI"!

  2. Kentucky posted 04/01/2013

    University of Kentucky isn't in the Final 4….

  3. Haylie posted 04/01/2013

    Let me tell you just how delicious the Griz breakfast burritos are. O.O YUM!

  4. jon posted 04/01/2013

    viteks is a texas legand. If you know anything about Texas bbq, you know viteks

  5. Sic Em posted 04/01/2013

    Viteks at Baylor is helping fundraise for the Daniel Jones Memorial Fund WEdnesday from 1:30-Close. Go out and get you a Gut Pak and help remember this wonderful man!

  6. TVD posted 04/01/2013

    No offense to anyone at Baylor or at Vitek's (especially because of their charity work), but it seems that the competition should involve dishes devised and made by the school, not by a restaurant and supplied to the school. Not that the rest of the dishes are completely original inventions, but they aren't branded products of separate restaurants that happen to be served at the schools.

    • Yos posted 04/01/2013

      They are all from restaurants in the towns that the university is in. Get your facts straight

    • Bob posted 04/01/2013

      Which of the above foods are made by the school? I'm pretty sure they're all made by independent restaurants located near campus, and are considered campus foods. It's not like they're served in the campus cafeteria.

      • Liam posted 04/01/2013

        UMontana's Cascade Country Store (UM), informally know as "The Cunt" is on campus run by University Montana Dinning Services, staffed by students who cook, pre-pair and assemble the breakfast burrito. No outside help here!!!

        • CChap posted 04/02/2013

          Did you go to University of Montana? I hope not, because your spelling of "prepare" is atrocious.

          • David posted 04/04/2013

            Notice his grammar and how he spelled Dining.

    • JerryOMontana posted 04/01/2013

      Yeah. What about that? Judges?
      The Griz Breakfast Burrito is made on campus by student employees of University Dining Services.
      And it is fantastic!

    • Corrie posted 04/02/2013

      Griz Burrito is made at the University of Montana !!! WE'RE REAL.

  7. Aaron posted 04/01/2013

    I'm confused by the previous post. Are you suggesting that the other three foods are made by the school? I believe that the contest rules stated that it would feature food from restaraunts around campus that can be associated with said school. I believe every other food is made by a restaraunt not affiliated with the school in an formal sense. These are all foods made by restaraunts that are frequented by college students.

    • Robert posted 04/02/2013

      wrong the griz burrito is made by student dining services not by a restaurant it is an original food item the only outside place we have on campus is pizza hut

  8. Joeseph posted 04/01/2013

    The Griz Burrito is made by a school owned, on-campus restaurant. You can use your meal plan to pay there.

  9. Kenny posted 04/01/2013

    Tolly Ho all the way, but that breakfast burrito looks amazing

    • Billy posted 04/02/2013

      What you said!

      • Clydesdale posted 04/02/2013

        One of my favorites late at night are the Qdoba breakfast burritos right off UK's campus. Tolly Ho is amazing tho, and that griz burrito looks like the shiz. I'd love to try one of those.

  10. lea posted 04/01/2013

    You can get chili on your ho! And thered a up the street. Thats just a 3 way. A ho with bacon egg and cheese, and cheddar filled tots covered it cheese sauce and chili…. Tolly ho all the way!!!!

    • Greg from Chicago. posted 04/02/2013

      Once you taste real chili at Marquette, you know it it completely differnt than other 3 way chilis. A unique test and secret recipe that is unique compared to other recipes and test. We drive up there from Chicago just to get a fix.

  11. Beta posted 04/01/2013

    no way a breakfast burrito can beat BBQ! Go Baylor!

  12. TVD posted 04/01/2013

    I hadn't checked the remaining three competitors. Because the Griz Burrito is made entirely on campus by campus dining services, I assumed the others were as well. I've had way too many of them in my time!

  13. Bear posted 04/01/2013

    That's great that the burrito is made by the university, but it doesn't make it part of the rules. Baylor doesn't even have "campus owned restaurants" unless you count the dormitory cafeterias (which I wouldn't). The Gut Pack is still considered a Baylor institution and is even available at home sporting events thanks to the Gut Pack Shack.

  14. GrizGirl posted 04/01/2013

    OMG, breakfast burrito with sausage eggs, bacon, onions, cheese, hashbrowns and sausage gravy! The worst day of the year is the day after spring semester ends and the country store is not open to buy one for breakfast.

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  16. mom posted 04/01/2013

    We just had our daughter's wedding at Vitek's. All their food is amazing.

  17. Cooking Channel posted 04/01/2013

    Hi all,

    We appreciate your efforts to keep this a friendly competition. As a reminder: To qualify, the dish had to be 1) near the college campus, 2) be pretty much a staple for students and, of course, 3) be absolutely awesome. More details can be found here –>

  18. Thurston posted 04/01/2013

    It looks like Kentucky's hack is unbeatable. When it get flipped on, it seems to pump between 25 and 50 votes per minute. Everyone else seems to do about half that. IF Anyone out there who has lost and wants to run their lower speed hacks or macros toward Marquette, let's gang up on him. Come on.

    • Seriously? posted 04/03/2013

      You just admitted to hacking to beat UK. Every time you think UK is "hacking" it has been posted on the blog. That is why it jumps up so fast. What an idiot with a sad, pathetic life.

      • Thurston posted 04/03/2013

        When did I admit that? I was asking the hackers out there like Princeton to come gang up of UK. I never said I was doing anything?

  19. kscarter posted 04/01/2013

    The reason Kentucky will win the whole thing is because they post it up on a UK athletics blog that gets over 100,000 hits a day. It's not a hack, just good marketing. It's the power of the Big Blue Nation.

  20. KJsCats posted 04/02/2013

    What's bullshit is that the picture above from Tolly Ho is not even the burger or cheddar tots served there. Picture serves it no justice, that shit is fire. AKA Tolly Dro

  21. Old Blue posted 04/02/2013

    Kentucky's restaurant has had 54 shares of the link on facebook. Marquette's has had 4. Must be hacks

  22. coacht18 posted 04/02/2013

    Winners Win and losers whine.

  23. Sarah posted 04/02/2013

    The gutpack from Baylor looks like something that came out of someone's gut, not something that should go in it. Blehhh. That's just disgusting.

    • Bob posted 04/02/2013

      Yeah because that breakfast burrito looks like a culinary masterpiece.

      • Sarah posted 04/02/2013

        It looks more appetizing than big pile of vomit.

        • Chris posted 04/02/2013

          Actually it doesn't. Breakfast meat, eggs, hash browns, cheese, veggies, salsa, and gravy wrapped in a tortilla still just looks like vomit wrapped in a tortilla. I'm sure it tastes good though. These "dishes" are all college food…they all look gross and probably taste delicious.

        • Rob posted 04/03/2013

          It doesn't even look authentic… I bet the tortilla is bought from a store and is nasty. At least here in Texas, the tortillas are made HOMEMADE. Our salsas are homemade…. we have mexican places on every corner here that make breakfast tacos and burritos, where even the eggs are from a farm. LOL

          I bet the Montana burrito tastes like it came out of the freezer. lol

  24. mtwaddell posted 04/02/2013

    The Gut Pak just looks so out of place on a paper plate. When you purchase them at Vitek's, they come in a large styrofoam to-go box so you can shake it up and get everything mixed around.

  25. Jim posted 04/02/2013

    The reason that Kentucky fans are confident they will win, is because the other university alumni are busy being EMPLOYED

    • Shawn posted 04/03/2013

      Says the person that commented on the post. You're a winner though for sure.

    • Cole posted 04/03/2013

      At said restaurants?

  26. Kenny posted 04/02/2013

    People only hate on you when you're the best. Tolly Ho all the way.

  27. Rob posted 04/02/2013

    Breakfast burritos and tacos are on over corner in Texas. Gut Pak is unique…. not a breakfast burrito (Montana)

    • jeff posted 04/02/2013

      well we are in montana and there is not breakfast burritos on every corner

  28. Marilyn posted 04/02/2013

    Vitek's have the best food and have been around forever. Unbeatable!!

  29. Yo Yo posted 04/02/2013

    Vitek is number one!!!! Kentucky give up!!
    Vitek and baylor Fan
    Sic Em BEARS

  30. Mike posted 04/02/2013

    The Griz breakfast burrito is made on campus by students and all the rest of the choices are from random restaurants around the towns? lol why are the others even allowed to compete if they aren't actually food items from the universities?

    • Bob posted 04/03/2013

      Because the concept of a "university owned restaurant" is very rare and has nothing to do with the competition, which is searching for the best college food. No one (except Montana) cares if the restaurant is owned by the university…otherwise the competition would be "The Cunt vs various dorm cafeterias." Maybe you should re-read the rules or the countless other posts in the comment section above (including one by The Cooking Channel).

  31. dafuq? posted 04/02/2013

    Dude those tots are just phenomenal. If spaghetti with chili dumped on it wins, there is something very wrong.

  32. Shayne posted 04/02/2013

    The Ho Burger isn't right without a fried egg on it. I'm no Ho Virgin.

  33. burgcarey posted 04/03/2013

    ain't no Ho like a Tolly Ho.

  34. Rob posted 04/03/2013

    The Griz burrito doesn't even look authentic… I bet the tortilla is store bought and is nasty like cardboard. I bet they just microwave the tortilla.

    At least here in Texas, the tortillas are made HOMEMADE. Our salsas are homemade…. we have mexican places on every corner here that make breakfast tacos and burritos, where even the eggs are from a farm. LOL

    I bet the Montana burrito tastes like it came out of the freezer. lol

    Gut Pak all the way….. UNIQUE

  35. PrezClinton posted 04/03/2013

    The beer in the background of Tolly Ho looks more delicious than the Marquettes. Tolly Ho all the way! BTW has anyone ever tried the Meeks Burger (as in Jodi Meeks)…orgy in my mouth..

  36. Lady and Joy posted 04/03/2013

    The Gut Pak is the best thing we have ever eaten (except that one Chamber kid, he was tasty). The NoZe Brothers sneak us in a couple of Gut Paks every once in a while, which is the only reason that we don't rip out of our pen and eat everyone. Don't forget, the Gut Pak has its own sporting event, the Gut Pak run! That's for charity, which 9 out of 10 bears approve (Bruin was kind of an a$$…).

  37. Chris posted 04/03/2013

    If you haven't had a Ho Burger from Tolly-Ho……then you've yet to have a burger…..period. This is a meat patty forged by the GODS themselves. It's a UK tradition, and I'll be damned if I haven't seen a line out the door every weekend.

  38. Matthew posted 04/03/2013

    I'll admit, never eaten at the other places so no sound comparison, but Tolly Ho's is one of the best local eateries that I have ever visited. Right up there with Hodad's and Phil's in San Diego, XXX Root Beer just outside Seattle, Monell's in Nashville, and the Loveless Cafe south of Nashville.

  39. matt posted 04/03/2013

    Gut Pak for the win! They serve this in heaven you know

  40. B.T. posted 04/03/2013

    The Gut Pak is awesome. I'll travel 200 miles for one every now and again. It's the best of everything Texas barbecue from the brisket to the beans to the corn chips, all of which are made in Texas.

    • bailer posted 04/04/2013

      I have also traveled 100+ miles for a gut-pak. MMM.

  41. ZombieLibrarian posted 04/03/2013

    It's a sad day when a glorified bowl of Gold Star Chili beats a Ho Burger with Cheddar Tots.

  42. Allison posted 04/04/2013

    Vitek's GutPak…a contributing partner for the Freshman Fifteen and more since 1915! I am not a bar-b-q fan, but I love it in the GutPak.

  43. bailer posted 04/04/2013

    Promise. Gut-Pak is LEGEND.

  44. kingghidora posted 04/04/2013

    I came by to vote for Tolly Ho but the poll is closed. They have been a UK institution for decades. I could have thrown a rock there from my dorm window if I had been on the other side of the building. The TH once helped me out with a very, very unusual property return. I couldn't believe that. What a way to run a business! It's been almost 40 years ago and I'd bet there are people who still remember what happened. Talk about customer service, they have it in spades! A lot of my hard earned college money was spent there because the UK meal ticket was just not enough for a growing boy. Wow I spent a lot of time at the Ho.

  45. Alan posted 04/04/2013

    What cracks me up is that 7,000 people voted in the top bracket but were too lazy to vote in the one below it…..

  46. […] favorite of University of Montana students, has received national attention recently, in the Cooking Channel’s “Bracket Battle; Best College Eats” competition, finishing in the final […]

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