Final Four: Best College Eats

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We’re down to the Final Four in “Bracket Battle: Best College Eats”. Find the polls to cast your vote below, plus recipes for the dishes to try at home. The Final Four round runs until April 3rd at 3pm ET.

The full schedule can be found here.

In the first match-up, Kentucky is being represented by Tolly Ho Restaurant‘s Ho Burger (featuring the MVP of the tournament, Cheddar Tots). They’re facing Marquette and the Real Chili Restaurant, which serves up a chili-topped bowl of spaghetti named after the school.

Make It at Home: Ho Burger with Cheddar Tots

Make It at Home: The Marquette

In the second match-up of the Final Four, it’s Vitek’s BBQ and their infamous Gut Pak representing for Baylor as they try to take on the University of Montana and the Cascade Country Store‘s Breakfast Burrito.

Make It at Home: The Gut Pak

Make It at Home: Griz Breakfast Burrito

Vote for which dish you think should make it to the championship match: