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Best College Eats: The Championship Game

We’re down to the final two competitors in our Best College Eats tournament, and this championship game is guaranteed to be messy. We’ve got Marquette University and the Real Chili Restaurant serving up a sloppy, satisfying chili-topped bowl of spaghetti taking on Baylor University and  Vitek’s BBQ, who is dishing up the restaurant’s famous Gut Pak, a fully-loaded plate of corn chips topped with brisket, sausage, beans and so much more.

Which of these two gut-busters will be named the Best College Eat? Vote for your favorite below.

Note: Voting for the championship round will last longer with the polls closing Friday, April 5th, at 5pm ET.


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  1. Mike McCord posted 04/04/2013

    Viteks & the Gut Pack is one of the best dishes anywhere!

  2. Gross posted 04/04/2013

    Both of these look disgusting. Did the guy that invented the Hot Pocket come up with these?

    • NOT GROSS posted 04/04/2013

      It's not there to look at it but to eat it, GUT PACK FTW

    • Gut Pak FTW posted 04/05/2013

      C'mon man! Ok, spaghetti topped with chili and sour cream? Yeah, wtf… However, The Gut Pak is a carefully engineered masterpiece of a frito pie. Even the greatest of men are brought to tears by its glory.

  3. Tom T posted 04/04/2013

    THe Gutpack was a favorite of RGIII before he got an endorsement deal from Subway! :)

  4. Daver posted 04/04/2013

    I'm sure they're both outstanding. I know for a fact that Real Chili is amazing, and the Gut Pack looks pretty damn delicious.

    • Ruby posted 04/05/2013

      The gutpak is AWESOME…… wish you could try it!!!!

  5. JDump posted 04/04/2013

    It looks like someone took a dump on a plate…..

    • Waco Like Poop posted 04/04/2013

      That's what they eat in Waco!

      • Bowen Loftin posted 04/04/2013

        "They" is referring to the subculture of sheep humping aficionados known as aggies.

      • nancy posted 04/04/2013

        Go to hell……

        • Bowen Loftin posted 04/04/2013

          I already am in hell. I am in College Station.

    • BaylorBear posted 04/04/2013

      If your "dumps" look like that, I suggest you go see a doctor immediately.

  6. Wanda Robinson posted 04/04/2013

    I have been eating at Viteks for years and love it!!!!

  7. AnthonyBU posted 04/04/2013

    Viteks is like the crazy uncle of that wussy Marquette dish.

    • uktown posted 04/04/2013

      you mean the crazy uncle with Hep C?

    • Mu warrior posted 04/06/2013

      Being a crazy uncle and from Baylor I guess we should alert the authorities

  8. Thurston posted 04/04/2013

    They do both look good, and I will have to try the Gut Pak the next time I am in Whacko, but my heart and my stomach are with REAL CHILI!!!!!

  9. Constance posted 04/04/2013

    A restaurant that allows a public, advertised picture of its food on a paper plate?

    I think we have our winner…

    • victoria posted 04/04/2013

      where's the paper plate?

    • Tom posted 04/04/2013

      They had their cooking channel chefs try to recreate each dish in the competition and used plates (that look like paper) for some of the dishes. Real, Real Chili is served in a regular white bowl.

    • Clif posted 04/04/2013

      In reality, the Gut Pak can only be enjoyed in its classic serving dish… The clamshell to go box. You gotta shake it up first to allow all the flavors of the fritos, beans, sausage, brisket, BBQ sauce, onions, jalapeños and pickles to properly merge into the classic, one of a kind lip smacking dish. SicEm!

      • AC Slater posted 04/04/2013

        Clif is right on. There is no feeling like finishing class on a Friday and getting a Gut Pak and Jones cola, followed by a nap (sometimes voluntary, but most of the time a food induced coma with splendid dreams).

        Brings back wonderful memories…

  10. privatea posted 04/04/2013

    well did you want it in a to go plate that they always over fill up with? dont hate over a plate homie. Viteks gut pack = amazing!

  11. John posted 04/04/2013

    The gut pack has cured many hangovers and gotten students at BU sober enough to make it to their Dr. Lester "the grade molester" final exam.

    • Morgan posted 04/04/2013

      Completely agree, The Gut Pak is the best cure for a nasty hangover!

  12. Samantha posted 04/04/2013

    when does voting end?

  13. s_mtex posted 04/04/2013

    Gutpack (Vitek's) is the real deal! Vote for them! They deserve to wear the crown!!

  14. JoeyP posted 04/04/2013

    How is this even a competition? Marquette spaghetti, seriously? Guy Pack should win this in a land slide.

    • Molly posted 04/05/2013

      Well this is awkward……….because spaghetti and chili are the same thing…….

      Guess Baylor doesn't have that good of an education afterall

      • Karaoklee posted 04/05/2013

        Molly's not so good at the reading.

      • JDizzle posted 04/05/2013

        This has to be the most ignorant comment of all. I understand others ribbing, joking and what not but this is plain ignorance. Please do mankind a favor in the future and refrain from posting anywhere them "Internets" are available.

  15. amanda posted 04/04/2013

    if you have never had it, the brisket and sausage on the gut pack ALONE would win any contest. They are amazing and smoked every day. I used to live next to Vitek's and the smell is insane.
    Anyone who thinks ground beef on spaghetti should win is crazy.

  16. Kim posted 04/04/2013

    Vitek BBQ is by far the BEST in Waco, TX. It'ss not gross nor does it look like someone took a dump on a plate… The Gut Pack is very good…and remember it gets mixed up in your stomach anyway. BUT if you cannot handle the mixed up stuff I'm sure they would accommidate weak stomachs like you and separate the ingredients for you. NEVER KNOCK WHAT YOU HAVE NOT TRIED!! It is fantastic, yummy and very satisfying.

    • BBQ? posted 04/04/2013

      Best BBQ in Waco? Sure, cause Waco is a sad spot in a state filled with amazing BBQ. Pretty much all the brisket in this town should be called roast beef. They add all those extra ingredients cause the meat can't stand alone as BBQ.

      • WacoFan posted 04/04/2013

        I love how people knock stuff just because they cook things differently, REALLY BBQ? haha

      • Bruiser posted 04/04/2013

        Uncle Dan's is arguably the best overall BBQ in Waco. But it's less of a campus food, and as for an individual meal, the Gut Pak is tops.

        • BaylorBear posted 04/04/2013

          Agreed. Uncle Dan's is the best BBQ in Waco.

          • Karaoklee posted 04/05/2013

            When it comes to a plain slice of brisket, Uncle Dan's is good. Vitek's is a bit better. Tony DeMaria's is best.


            I still eat at Vitek's the most, though.

  17. BBQ? posted 04/04/2013

    Too bad Viteks meat can't stand alone. The brisket I pretty much roast beef. Even Rudy's brisket stands high above Vitek's. In fact I'm going to make my own Gut Pak with BBQ I make on my own. If BBQ is good, you don't need to cover it in sauce.

    This is just a popularity contest. The winner is the one with the most people spending the most time on Facebook and other social networks. Congrats for winning a waste if time contest. Seems I have wasted my time as well.

    • Positive Paulie posted 04/05/2013

      Calm down, Bitter Betty. I'm sorry your school didn't make it to the last round.

      As for making your own Gut Pak: What's that old adage? Imitation is the highest form of…something? I forget.
      Anyways, hope your day gets better! xoxoxo

  18. dipnettest posted 04/04/2013

    Dang you, CookingChannel! After looking at pictures of the Gut Pak I caved in and drove the 2.5 hours from Houston to Waco yesterday and bought myself one. Gas prices are too high for you to be dangling a Gut Pak in front of a resident of Houston's eyes. It was worth every mile.

    • Pdub posted 04/04/2013

      Wow, that is awesome… Props to you Sir. Sic'em.

    • catewestenhover posted 04/04/2013

      but they gave you a recipe!

      • Karaoklee posted 04/05/2013

        Recipe schmecipe. Gotta get it from the source.

    • atxtraveler posted 04/05/2013

      I sir, am proud to call you a real Texan.

  19. Ken posted 04/04/2013

    Cool! I love Vitek's! How do you vote?

    • Karaoklee posted 04/05/2013

      I suspect this is some clever and subtle Marquette trolling.

  20. Darryl posted 04/04/2013

    I have had the Gut Pak on a friends suggestion for lunch about a year ago. Shame on me for waiting so long to try it. Each ingredient can stand on it's own in awesome deliciousness. That's why the combination is an flavor explosion of goodness. One might say it's Madness, March Madness.

  21. Trevor12316 posted 04/04/2013

    None of you Baylor homers have ever even tried the Marquette…

    • BaylorBear posted 04/04/2013

      And you haven't tried the Gut Pack. What's your point? We've all had spaghetti and we've all had chili. It's not hard to imagine the two together.

    • Karaoklee posted 04/05/2013

      Yeah, we have. It's called a "Three-Way," and we are it in Cincinnati. Ohio. Where it was invented.

      Also, homer? Really?

    • Jim posted 04/05/2013

      The Marquette is a variation on Skyline chili… I have had it often. YOU, however, have never tried the Gut Pak. So who is the homer?

  22. Real Chili rules posted 04/04/2013

    Dear morbidly obese computer nerd who is running an automated script to artificially jack up the voting numbers for Baylor’s “plate-o-crap”:

    Take a good look at that picture of crap from Vitek’s BBQ…mmmmm…random, fatty, unrelated chunks of blubberus flesh cast about in a haphazard way – and topped with pickles!! Mmmmm. Your bowels are already dancing just thinking about it, right? Now lick that Cheetos residue off your fingers, step away from the keyboard and limp your way on down to Vitek’s for a double-helping! And quit CHEATING!!

    Real Chili Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BaylorBear posted 04/04/2013

      You don't enjoy barbecue but you'd rather have 2 bland dishes (chili and plain spaghetti) mixed together with an excessive amount of sour cream? I see no logic in that.

      "Automated script", that's a laugh right there, as well.

      • Brad posted 04/04/2013

        Earlier this morning there were big jumps in votes for Baylor though, too much to be from fans…

        • HonkeyBritches posted 04/04/2013

          We have been paying attention to the poll, but believe what takes the sting out of losing.

        • Jessica posted 04/10/2013

          It's called networking. Baylor fans stand together.

      • Huh? posted 04/04/2013

        You think chili is bland? That's probably why its used as a topping for different dishes. To add more blandness to it. Just the way ketchup, salsa, and BBQ sauce are bland and used the same way. No wonder this "BBQ" dish is winning, you can't taste it.

    • David posted 04/05/2013

      Pickles? Have you ne'er seen a damn jalapeno?

    • pamid posted 04/05/2013

      I have had what you call Cincinatti chili, it was awful. You folks have no idea how to make chili!!!

    • SamYouAre posted 04/05/2013

      u ok

    • Sheila S. posted 04/05/2013

      Most people in TX. know that real Chili don't have beans or cinnamon in it, and it's usually served with Spanish rice or white rice, smothered in chopped onions, sliced Jalapeno's, shredded Colby or Cheddar cheese, with a dollop of Sour Cream- not Spaghetti!!!!

  23. JDizzle posted 04/04/2013

    Yeah, I've had the Gut Pak and its aptly named since it seems to be just a bunch of filler with meat. Nothing special about it at all. My co-workers had talked it up for weeks prior to trying it (Sorry M & D) and I was completely disappointed.

    My wife and I can whip up something that tastes better and doesn't have a ridiculous amount of corn chips in it at home. Pass on this one.

    • pamid posted 04/05/2013

      I always get it without the fritoes and it is GREAT!

  24. Trevor12316 posted 04/04/2013

    Looks like someone took a dump on a pile of corn chips..

    • HonkeyBritches posted 04/04/2013

      Sir, I have taken a dump on a pile of corn ships and I assure you it looks nothing like that.

      • dipnettest posted 04/04/2013

        Corn chips.

        • dipnettest posted 04/04/2013

          Yes, corn CHIPS. I took a dump on corn chips.

          • HonkeyBritches posted 04/04/2013

            Thanks for the help.

  25. Morgan posted 04/04/2013


  26. BULawDog posted 04/04/2013

    DeMaria's is the best BBQ in Waco. I never really considered a GutPak BBQ. It's pretty good though. Besides that, Old Man Vitek standing behind the counter saying things to make the Baptists blush was priceless.

  27. TheDude posted 04/04/2013

    Real Chili? Really? I mean Really? 1. That photo looks nothing like the decidedly average slop dumped on some spaghetti that they actually serve. 2. The floor in their restaurant hasn't been mopped since Al McGuire hung out there. Simply filthy. I can't even imagine what it looks like in the kitchen. 3. There are 100 restaurants in Milwaukee alone that are better than Real Chili, next time pick one of them please.

    • half a bowl more. posted 04/04/2013

      The Dude must be confusing Real Chili with one of his Madison hangouts. The 'Marquette' is one of the best meals I've ever had. And the place is clean.

      • TheDude posted 04/04/2013

        The Dude thinks you need to get out more if The Marquette is one of the best meals you've ever had. Oh and I live in Milwaukee yo.

        • Real Badger Envy posted 04/05/2013

          I see the Badgers didn't have much success in this tournament either. Oh, well. At least Badger fans continue to win the "Worst, Most Ridiculously Paranoid and Jealous, Out-of-Touch Fan Base" tournament.

          • TheDude posted 04/05/2013

            TheDude doesn't understand the Badger references. What makes you think I'm a Badger fan? Someone is certainly paranoid here.

            I just think Real Chili is a poor representative of Milwaukee food, as we actually have some really good restaurants and signature dishes here. One guy claims Real Chili is the one of the "best meals he's ever had?" Really? I've had it, it's drunk food, and piss poor drunk food at that. Certainly there are few options on Marquette's campus, but that doesn't make Real Chili good.

  28. BrokeBear posted 04/04/2013

    Many a student new to Baylor has gained more than the usual "freshman 15" lbs. because of this GUT PACK! I know some who could survive an entire week on this one meal! True story!

  29. dale posted 04/04/2013

    gut pak by far the best!!!!!!

  30. Sen posted 04/04/2013

    Who names a meal after their school? What a moron. Gut Pack rocks the N.E.W.S. (North East West South – put it all together and it spells news)

    • Tom posted 04/04/2013

      No it spells Northeastwestsouth. Cool word though.

  31. Brad posted 04/04/2013

    If I wanted to eat stinkin Fritos I'd go to the gas station.

  32. BaylorSucks posted 04/04/2013

    Yea shouldn't Baylor be in the NIT food tourney?

    • HonkeyBritches posted 04/04/2013

      Chances are good your team is watching the post season from their couches. LOL, hate on, turdball.

      • BaylorSucks posted 04/04/2013

        What I know for sure is that I'm certainly not watching Baylor….. In the NIT…..

    • bob posted 04/04/2013

      Yeah Marquette athletics is awesome. That's why I will be watching them in the postseason this weekend…oh that's right, I won't. What about their baseball team? No? Football in the fall? Not in the past 52 years you say? Way to be decent in one sport and brag like you're an athletics powerhouse. Pathetic…

      • BaylorSucks posted 04/04/2013

        Our football programs have the same all time winning %, kinda funny actually. Marquette basketball is far better than Baylor basketball, not even in question. But, I must say Mike Bliss was a very memorable coach I'll give you that. Baseball you got us, but who watches college baseball?

        • bob posted 04/04/2013

          Who cares about football winning percentage (other than you)? If your team played 2 games and won 1, you still have a winning percentage of 50%, which means absolutely nothing. You still haven't even been able to support a football program since 1960, with the last successful season in 1953. Marquette is competitive in exactly one sport, so congrats for that. I hope you can find something to pass the time until next year's basketball season…

        • Chris posted 04/05/2013

          That's interesting since a quick google search doesn't even list a win-loss record for Marquette's football program…then again I have better things to do than research the record of a team that hasn't played in 50+ years. Also, I probably wouldn't watch college baseball either if my college couldn't support a team. Pretty classy move, by the way, referencing a tragedy that has nothing to do with proving your point.

        • Bruiser posted 04/05/2013

          Adding on to Bob, Marquette has never been to a bowl game. Baylor's been to three in a row, winning the last two. Marquette basketball beat Baylor in Milwaukee in 1999. Baylor beat Marquette in Waco in 1998. In the past five years, Marquette went 122-54 with one Elite Eight and two more trips to the Sweet Sixteen. Baylor went 122-58 with two Elite Eights and two trips to the NIT Championship game. In the same timeframe, the Marquette women's basketball team went 88-74 with 1 NCAA and 2 NIT first-round wins, while the Lady Bears went 164-21, with a National Championship, another Final Four, another Elite eight, and a pair of Sweet Sixteens. In the past five years, Baylor also has trips to the College World Series in baseball and softball, and a National Championship in Equestrian, but yeah, Baylor Sucks. Mike Bliss is a NASCAR driver.

          • Jason posted 04/05/2013

            Not that any of this matters, but Marquette was in the first Cotton Bowl.

          • Bruiser posted 04/05/2013

            I stand corrected and am man enough to own up to it. I should have said Marquette has never won a bowl game, as they lost that lone appearance in 1937 to TCU, 16-6.

          • Karaoklee posted 04/05/2013

            What's a Marquette?

  33. bear posted 04/04/2013
  34. HonkeyBritches posted 04/04/2013

    Nothing gets in the way of your American Idol viewing, eh? I have a 14 year old niece just like you.

    • BaylorSucks posted 04/04/2013

      I know nothing of this show, can you fill me in?

  35. Baylor's"DumpPak" posted 04/04/2013


  36. Matt Furdison posted 04/04/2013

    I like to think of the Gut Pak as someone who ate a ton of food and passed it through their bowels and then ate that and while it was making them sick in their gut, they barfed their guts out onto fritos and Paked it in a box. Gut Pak!

    • Chris posted 04/04/2013

      Same could be said about that chili…

  37. Steve posted 04/04/2013

    Man, I love the Gut Pak. Before my grandson became and awful person and stole my life savings, we would go there and have eating contests. One time he ate a baker's dozen of the bigger Gut Paks. Ha! Sometimes I would even leave him there when he was younger without any of the employees knowing he was unaccompanied so I could go to the bar with loose women. Vote Gut Pak!

  38. Russell posted 04/05/2013

    Eating Real Chili is a sure way of guaranteeing yourself some quality toilet time the next day. Nobody in their right mind goes their sober. Even the employees refer to the food as "slop"!

  39. Zak15 posted 04/05/2013

    Photoshop did wonders for the picture of Real Chili. You can grease a semi with the contents of the bowl.

  40. Animal_House posted 04/05/2013

    Ya wanna wait and move out of dorm to independant living before eating at Real Chili "Fill in the blanks"

  41. MarqKC posted 04/05/2013

    Gut Pak? BBQ? Is that how those are spelled? Shouldn't it be Gut Pack, and Barbecue? Then again, Vitek's probably knows it's audience at Baylor, the school with the one-syllable mascot. (A syllable is a . . . oh, never mind.)

    Vote for Real Chili!

    • zach posted 04/05/2013

      Really? That's the best you can come up with…the fact that the word "bear" only has one syllable? At least we didn't have to change our mascot because the previous one was racist and insensitive to Native Americans. Please continue your lecture on the word "syllable"…

      • Karaoklee posted 04/05/2013


      • atxtraveler posted 04/05/2013

        Is Marquette the fancy way of saying "Market" like how people try to spruce up Target by pronouncing it "Tarjay"?

    • Karaoklee posted 04/05/2013

      The word you were looking for is "Monosyllabic."

      Best regards,
      A Baylor Bear

    • StupidBear posted 04/05/2013

      You meant "its audience" dipshit

    • TxTVProducer posted 04/05/2013

      Is that how "it's" is spelled? Come on, man.

      "knows *its* audience"

      -Concerned Baylor Bear

    • Nick posted 04/10/2013

      How many national debate championships does Marqueen have genius?

  42. joe cuff posted 04/05/2013

    the best u have ever eat go try one u go back every week for life

  43. Rob M posted 04/05/2013

    RealChili is a Marquette legend. MU's HOF one-of-a-kind coaching genious Al McGuire was spotted there often, and offers up this quote: "If the waitress has dirty ankles the Chili is amazing."

  44. Rob M. posted 04/05/2013

    Typo, Al McGuire is a coaching G-E-N-I-U-S. And you don't have to be one to know that RealChili is on a late 4th quarter scoring spree!!

    • Rob M. posted 04/05/2013

      And I use QUARTERS not halves, b/c at RealChili, THESE GUYS ARE CHILI PROs!!!!!!!!!

  45. Real Chili posted 04/05/2013

    For the uneducated: what puts Real Chili over the top is the dining experience! (not mentioned in the blog – shame on you)! Nothing better than flying oyster crackers from across the u-shaped counter late at night!

    • Real Chili posted 04/05/2013

      One more thing: 50% off second helpings! (a full bowl for second helping)


  46. Waco Willie posted 04/05/2013

    Vitek's does not post much meat on the gut pak, they cut a little piece of sausage and weigh it
    The cut it into tiny pieces. Mostly throw away scraps of meat in the chopped, a lot of fat and gristle.
    Gut pack is mostly beans and chips, for $8 it should have more meat. The only thing worse are the goofballs that make, under what rock did they find them? Let them go back to playing video games
    And drinking Mountain Dew in their mom's basement. The guys I met at viteks' will never have a date or sex.

  47. Dan posted 04/05/2013

    The picture of Real Chili is a bad picture as that's not what it looks like in real life at all. Bowl is completely wrong

  48. Toucan Sam posted 04/05/2013

    The only good thing to come out of Baylor is RGIII. No food from Baylor should be considered the best of anything. The Gut Pak looks like the last thing I see after a night of Jacks and Coke. Real Chili all the way, nothing from Texas even compares, much less from Baylor.

    • Karaoklee posted 04/05/2013

      "The Gut Pak looks like the last thing I see after a night of Jacks and Coke."

      Sounds to me like you need to talk to someone.

    • Gut Packs For Christ posted 04/05/2013

      Wait… you chose the name Toucan Sam?

    • Nick posted 04/10/2013

      What an idiot. Guess you never heard of mike singletary, michael johnson, jeremy wariner, darold williamson, brittany griner, multiple other first round nfl picks, a dozen or so current nba players, piles of senators and reps and the best litigators in the country. Who won the big tobacco settlement.


  49. ElShanky posted 04/05/2013

    You think BBQ should lose to spaghetti with chili on top? Are you smoking crack?

  50. harry posted 04/05/2013

    Real chilli doesn't have beans – look at the advertisements – they alway say chilli and then chilli with beans – so real chilli doesn't have beans!!

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