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Hangover Tips: FOOD Edition

Nadia G Hangover Cures

Lecturing you on drinking less to avoid hangovers is like lecturing you on not eating all the Halloween candy in one night. I know you’re going to do it anyways, and you know you’re going to regret it. So let’s just make some breakfast and move on:

Grease Works

Everyone knows that grease is No. 1 in prevention. Wanna know why? It coats the stomach the way a mother cradles a baby. Give in to it. Scoffing a cheeseburger will limit the amount of alcohol absorbed into the stomach lining and bloodstream, helping to prevent hangovers. Or allowing you to drink more.


These bad boys are the Gatorade of the fruit world. I suggest eating one before you head out, as a proactive measure, but this can work after drinking as well. They replenish your electrolytes, especially potassium, and no matter what you do, you’re gonna look silly eating one.

Breakfast is Best

Twenty-four-hour breakfast joints are in business because of hangovers. Eggs and toast provide protein and carbs that will help break the “I’m never drinking like that again” exhaustion you’re feeling. So even if your liver seems to be taking its vengeance on you via a wicked-bad hangover, be sure to have the most important meal of the day, even if it’s late afternoon.


Look — you’ve had enough booze already and it has depleted your sugar levels. Low sugar levels give you the shakes, my friend. To help you hydrate and get your sugars back up, treat yourself to some watermelon, which has loads of water in it AND is high in fructose. Am I saying hair of the dog is off the table? Heck, no! Just be sure to hydrate.

Ah, food. Even when we’ve made a fool of ourselves, it will always be there to pick us up. Truly, it’s a drunk person’s best friend.

Tune in to Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen‘s “Hair of the Dog Breakfast” episode tonight at 10pm ET on Cooking Channel for my hangover feast complete with hair-of-the-dog gourmet cocktail pairings.

Recipes from this episode:


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