Nadia G.’s Craziest Fan Moments

With our newest episode, Fantastic Foods 2 (tonight at 10pm ET on Cooking Channel), I can’t help but reminisce about how awesome the fans have been. Between typing in ALL CAPS (all the time) and permanently branding oneself with a Bitchin’ Kitchen tattoo, one thing goes without saying: We have the best community EVER! Even the ones who thought posting their telephone numbers on our public page was a good idea, I heart you, too (but you may want to change your number now). Here are my top-three fan moments:

Chopped Outrage
I was more than stoked to be a part of Chopped All-Stars, and I was even more amazed to see how many of my fans came out to show their support when I was eliminated for dropping my balls. In addition to posting, tweeting and sending emails, our community even started redemption petitions! Now you gotta love (or be scared of) fans who will plot revenge missions. Not to mention, they all have a newfound hatred for mango shots. I can’t blame them.

Tina & Adam “Vlogs”
If there’s anyone who gets Bitchin’ Kitchen, it’s Tina and her son, Adam. Fans since season one, Tina films Adam (who was barely 5 years old when they started) as he re-creates all of my recipes. Donning a chef’s hat, an apron and the occasional banana costume, Adam is a natural in the kitchen. There was one time we cringed as he made caramel — even grown people can mess that up, but not Adam. These two are what the crew calls superfans. Adam, we’ll see ya on TV one day, we’re sure of it!

BK Tattoos
Nothing says commitment like permanently jabbing ink into your skin. Yes, tattoos are all the rage, but I’m still floored that more than one of you has taken this very devoted approach to showing your BK love. We all know the BK logo is pretty bitchin’ (I designed it myself, hehe), but there’s just something about having it peek out of shirt sleeves or socks that makes it even more badass. Part of me fears the day someone gets a Nadia G. portrait tattooed on themselves — not because of the creepy amount of love, but because I’m afraid of an artist messing with my face. They better get my cheekbones right, eh?

An honorable mention is in order for all the fans with BK shrines (complete with G dolls), kitchens and other spaces decorated in the BK flair, as well as every single person who takes the time to watch, tweet or send us hate mail. You complete us!

Tune in to Nadia G’s Bitchin’ KitchenFantastic Foods 2” tonight at 10pm | 9c on Cooking Channel.