Today in Lazy – Delivery Sites GrubHub and Seamless to Merge

In the past few years, websites that let you order restaurant delivery food have really blown up. Gone are the days where you have to interact with fellow humans in order to eat a pizza. You simply head to your favorite site and click a few hungry clicks. Technology! Now, two of the biggest delivery sites are merging to form a mega-verse of dining laziness, combining their restaurant databases and unique technologies.

GrubHub and Seamless — once fierce competitors — have announced a merger to create an as-yet-unnamed super-company. GrubLess? SeamHub? The deal, which is still subject to that wascally regulatory approval process, will give you even one less thing to remember when ordering food. Just type G or S into your web browser and autocomplete should take care of the rest for you.

In the meantime, you should probably just stay home and cook.