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Amazon Starts Food Delivery Trial Service in Los Angeles

Going to the grocery store can be hard work. There’s all of that lifting of hummus containers and asking of butchers to cut your turkey how you like it. It’s enough to drive one to drink a carton of organic juice before paying for it at the register. Some of the country’s bigger cities have web services, like FreshDirect, that do the work for you. Now Amazon is joining the party.

The humble mom-and-pop bookseller Amazon has announced they are starting a food delivery service in the Los Angeles area. It’ll be for Prime members only and its called Amazonfresh. See what they did there? The coolest part of the service is they offer same day delivery on over 500,000 items, which is pretty cool if you are hungry and refuse to leave the house.

Amazonfresh is already running smoothly in Seattle. Only time will tell if they’ll bring it to other cities and perhaps even other countries.


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