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A Device That Automatically Splits the Bill and Tip

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Going out to dinner with friends is great, at first. Eventually, however, there is that panicked, anxious reminder that, yes, math does have an actual use in real life. Figuring out the bill and tip is enough to drive us to drink (even more.) Are we paying too much? Are we paying too little? Finally, there’s a gadget that does the heavy lifting for you.

Introducing RAIL, a tablet device developed by Washington-based startup Viableware. This is more than just a math app, though. It calculates the bill and tip but also allows you to swipe your credit card and get on with your life in record time. This is something a restaurant would have on-hand and not something you’d have laying around your house just waiting for that 12-person jaunt to the local seafood joint.

The devices, which will cost an eatery around $200 a piece, are already being tested in several popular restaurant chains such as P.F. Chang’s, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse and McMenamins.


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