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Tokyo’s Completely Black Hot Dog

Is there anything more American than hot dogs? You can practically hear Yankee Doodle Dandy every time you bite into one. However, Japan has taken the humble hot dog and spruced it up. The result is something pretty strange.

Introducing Tokyo’s newly popular Black Terra hot dog, served at Vegas-Premium Hot Dogs in the Akihabara district. This f00t-long monstrosity is charcoal black. How did it get that way? They dosed it with an “edible bamboo charcoal powder.”

As you can see, the bun is black, too. Otherwise, it’s just a hot dog that can be topped with whatever you usually go with, from chopped onions to mustard (hopefully they don’t miss a black ketchup opportunity). If you ever find yourself wandering Tokyo hungrily, you can get one for around $6.


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