British Recipes That Are Perfect for a Royal Baby Welcome Meal

While eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Royal Baby and placing our final gender bets Now that we know that Will and Kate have brought a little prince into the Royal family, Cooking Channel staffers have been thinking about the celebratory meals the Duchess and Duke will enjoy once they’ve returned home with the new babe. And though their dinners probably won’t consist of the most classic British recipes, it occurs to us how many of these silly-named foods would be fitting for any “welcome to the family” meal. (What can we say? We’ve got Royal Baby on the brain. We’re excited it’s a boy.)

Bubble and Squeak (shown above) is the perfect any-time-of-day meal to mimic the cooing and crying a newborn baby is bound to do. The dish —  given its name due to the silly sounds it makes while cooking — was originally made from the leftover vegetables from a roast dinner. But the fried root vegetable and bacon cakes are so delicious, they’re worthy of making from scratch. Top the savory assortment with a fried egg to make it a meal.

Bangers and Mash are classic British pub fare — served with a wink they’ll remind guests how the lil’ Royal one came to be in the first place. This delicious take layers flavorful pork butt sausages atop a simple Yukon gold potato mash. Pool a generous portion of gravy at the bottom of your plate and let the mashed potatoes soak up the dark liquid.

An Eton Mess — the traditional pudding composed of fresh, sugar-coated berries, crumbled meringues and whipped cream — is the perfect no-fuss finale to this special meal. Because let’s face it: Royal or non, changing diapers is a messy job. Changing a boy’s diapers? Even messier.

And no celebratory meal would be complete without a boozy toast. After about 9 months of sobriety, a mild Earl Grey tea spritzer with sparkling wine and lemon will be plenty for new mom Kate. (Wills might need to make his a double, though.)

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