Wendy’s Japan Leapfrogs Bacon and Introduces Prosciutto Burger

There are several things America has every right to be proud of. Besides baseball and the mythical creature known as the Cronut, there is our inclination to slather pork over everything that is even remotely edible. It’s our right! So how come none of our fast food chains let us top burgers with prosciutto? Wendy’s Japan is now the first to hold that honor.

They recently launched the Prosciutto Mozzarella Italiano. Besides the salty, hammy goodness, this burger is also topped with mozzarella cheese, spring greens and tomato. Sounds too healthy for you? Don’t worry it also has mayo, basil cream cheese sauce and sun-dried tomato sauce. That’s three sauces if you were keeping count, and you always should be keeping count.

The burger is part of a new premium line, which also includes an avocado wasabi burger, an Iberico bacon burger and more. To help stem your jealousy, these sandwiches do cost nine dollars. So there’s that.