Michelin-Starred Chef Creates Entire Insect-based Menu

To most of us, the idea of chowing down on a hearty bowl of mealworms is the stuff of nightmares. However, throughout many parts of the world insects are a prized centerpiece of any meal. One Michelin-starred chef has learned to stop worrying and love the, uh, bombyx mori. 

Chef Peter Gorton, of England, devised a new menu that was filled to the brim with creepy crawlies. It was part of an effort to engage Western palates and teach us that the bug can be, well, delicious. On the menu? Varied fare such as mushroom and mealworm soup and candied locust mango sorbet. Yum!

This comes hot on the heels of a UN report in which they urged countries around the world to begin eating more insects in order to help fight hunger.