This Food Printer Concept Might Change How We Eat Forever

To the uninitiated, 3D printers work like printers of old, but instead of words on paper they create 3D objects. They are catching on fast and have been used to create everything from ridiculous ash trays to more useful knickknacks like door stops and shower heads. The next step, theorists surmise, is for this tech to turn its gaze to food. That day is coming faster than anyone anticipated.

Introducing the Atomium, a 3D printer that deals exclusively with food. It’s just a concept for now but prototyping should happen before long. It will use a 3D imaging camera and software capable of creating 3D objects out of 2D renderings. Then, instead of plastic like regular 3D printers, it will be filled with foodstuffs. According to the designers, it should be able to recreate any doodle you make in edible deliciousness. That’s right. You can finally have a perfect representation of Garfield on a skateboard in cake form.

The device is currently a finalist in the Electrolux Design Competition. I’ll let you know when this tech gets closer to showing up on store shelves.