Italian Week on Cooking Channel

Let’s admit it: Regardless of whether or not Sicilian blood runs in your veins, we all have a little Italian in us when it comes to food. Who can resist the simplicity of a perfectly-cooked pasta dash or the sweet, velvety richness of Tiramisu?

This week, embrace your inner Italian by tuning in to Italian Week every night. On September 15 at 8pm ET, accompany Giada De Laurentiis on the ultimate Italian holiday, from Venice to Parma to Rome. Then at 9pm ET, watch back-to-back episodes of Unique Eats to get a taste of America’s most incredible (and incredibly famous) Italian dishes, including a hot, gooey Meatall Parm sandwich that will make you melt. On Tuesday, September 17, don’t miss a special pizza-themed episode of Unwrapped, where host Marc Summers learns why frozen pizzas are so hot, who dominates Domino’s fastest pizza-making contest and how bite-sized pretzel Combos can satisfy a pizza craving. 

Wrap up the week with an extra romantic Extra Virgin marathon on Saturday, September 21. Gabriele takes Debi back to his Tuscan homeland, where they shared their first kiss. While traveling in the countryside, they dine on fresh pasta dishes like Pici All’Aglione and Tartello with Raveggiolo and Mixed Greens and Debi whips up a light Zucchini Carpaccio. The trip culminates in the renewal of the couple’s vows, and their celebratory feast features all the traditional flavors of Tuscany — including a creamy Pesto Lasagne (pictured at top),  Shrimp And Farro Salad and plenty of good wine. Now that’s amore!

For more information on Italian Week, check out Cooking Channel’s Programming Guide. Can’t wait for a taste of La Dolce Vita? Try one of Cooking Channel’s Best Italian Desserts. Mangia!