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A Cheese-Covered Donut

Pretty much everyone loves donuts. Pretty much everyone loves cheese. So why haven’t the two met and formed a sweet, melty union? Maybe there’s some kind of mental block surrounding laying a slice of aged swiss on a glazed donut. There is nothing stopping you from trying this at home, but if you are traveling to Indonesia you can do it up official style.

KFC Indonesia has just rolled out the aptly named Cheese-Covered Donut. It’s essentially a plain glazed donut topped with gobs of cheddar and Swiss. The saltiness of the cheese probably cuts quite nicely into the sweetness of the donut. If you throw a piece of ham on here it’s almost like a jury-rigged Monte Cristo.


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  2. rushmyessays posted 01/19/2015

    Yummy cheese with donuts, KFC you have did it again launched by favorite food items that are healthy and yet tasty at the same time. I would definitely try it out when they will launch it in my country. Those who have tried it out please share their review about it.

  3. Rose posted 02/23/2015

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