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Hump Day Snack: Cerebral Halloween Treat

Any idea what this noggin-inspired Halloween treat is sculpted from? If you guessed red velvet cake, you’d be dead wrong. This brainy dessert is actually an intricately carved whole watermelon that requires peeling the green skin off before carving away at the rind to create a squiggly pattern. Sure it might take a few hours with a vegetable peeler and paring knife to produce, but no doubt that your dentist will thank you when you serve it to your kids in place of extra sugar. If you’re hosting a more grown-up group, get a little gory and hack it up with a hatchet or mallet a la that melon-smashing maniac comedian Gallagher.

Get started on this fruity think tank by clicking here, then make a spooky statement with some of Cooking Channel’s best Halloween treats below.


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