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Good Grief – Singapore Has a Peanuts-Themed Restaurant

The holidays are nearly upon us and you know what that means. Endless frustration and agony Watching all of our favorite Peanuts holiday specials! In the spirit of the ever-hapless Charlie Brown, I present to you a not so hapless restaurant based on Charles Schultz’s beloved creations. The only catch? It’s in Singapore.

The officially licensed Charlie Brown Cafe resides in a touristy part of Singapore called Discovery Walk. Every aspect of this place is designed to give you the full Snoopy experience. You can buy lattes emblazoned with Peanuts characters. The same goes for pieces of pie, pancakes and even crepes. They also have a full line up of pastas and sandwiches, which thankfully are not branded with Linus and Lucy. I doubt a member of the waitstaff will pull a football away from you at the last second, causing you to fall flat on your face, however. Bummer.

If you are in Singapore, check the place out and order up a “Charlie’s Combo,” which features fries, fried fish, fried mozzarella sticks, fried chicken fingers and something called fried chicken cheese balls. Also, please make poor Charlie eat healthier. He’s coming up on 65.


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