This Robotic Sushi Joint Hands Out Prizes For Gluttony

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TS Eliot once famously said that the world would end not with a bang, but with a whimper. Can this adage also be applied to the coming robot apocalypse? It could start not with an army of marching cyborgs, but with a humble sushi joint.

Japan’s Kura Sushi delivers raw fish via conveyor belt, which is not a new concept. However, they go quite a few steps further into robot-land. Each table has a touchscreen for ordering, and each plate has an embedded microchip that keeps track of the bill and how popular each dish is. Also, for each five plates diners force down their gullet, they are given an opportunity to play a touchscreen mini-game which doles out toys and other prizes.

But wait, are you wondering why the restaurant isn’t using this tech to violate your privacy? Don’t worry! Automated cameras keep a constant eye on your table, keeping track of how long you spend in the establishment and how much you seem to be enjoying your food. Yay technology!