So Three Drag Queens Walk Into a Dinner Party…

What do a trio of saucy drag queens, two young lovebirds and dish of ceviche have in common? Not much, really, but it sure is fun to watch them all play nicely together on TV.

Tune in to Cooking Channel tonight at 11pm ET for the premiere of Drag My Dinner Party. This all-new makeover show is cooking up heaping helpings of food, fun and “fabulousity” that will turn dull dinner parties upside down and inside out. The right men for the job? The gay-von ladies, of course!

Watch as none other than RuPaul’s Drag Race alums legends Jujubee, Raven and Manila Luzon swoop in on Mike, a wholesome blue-eyed boy from La Mirada, Calif. Celebrating his third anniversary with Peruvian-born girlfriend Cindy, Mike wants to make a big splash with an extravagant evening to show Cindy just how much she means to him, no matter how much glitter he has to overcome along the way.

The queens work their magic to create a Peruvian dinner feast, put a bit of color — and a bow tie — into Mike’s wardrobe and teach him a few new dance moves. They even transform Mike and Cindy’s humble backyard into a romantic candlelit oasis (all that in between touchups and out-of-purse cocktails, of course).

Turns out all of the shimmer and sparkle sticks, as Mike starts thinking about just how important Cindy is to him. Will his dinner party go off without a hitch? Will the queens’ salsa lessons pay off? Will Mike muster up the courage to ask Cindy a question that could change their lives forever? Pour yourself a cosmo, tune in and find out, honey.

Drag My Dinner Party premieres Friday, October 25, at 11pm ET.

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