How to Eat Like Thor

Thor's Favorite Food

The Avengers proved Thor's love of shawarma

If you’re planning a trip to Asgard soon to visit your favorite otherworldly god, Thor, or just going to see the upcoming Marvel release, Thor: The Dark World, prepare yourself with these favorite foods and drinks of the God of Thunder.

Loki Iced Tea Cocktail

Like Thor’s devious brother, this delicious drink appears harmless with its smooth Southern-iced tea taste, but it’s actually quite dangerous, packing an alcoholic punch just beneath the surface. The Loki Iced Tea Cocktail is a mischievously enchanting cocktail in disguise.

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Show the courage of Thor and his fellow Avengers and try New York’s most infamous dish, shawarma. Made with beef and chimichurri sauce, you’ll be so pleased that it’ll leave you speechless. It’s the best way to end the day after saving the world from alien/semi-godlike beings, or any occasion.

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Burgers of the Gods

What do the gods of Asgard eat at a summer-palace barbecue? The Burger of the Gods, of course. These juicy burgers are packed with meat, full of eight ounces of chuck and another eight ounces of sirloin. They are so good, you’ll have to keep an eye on Loki to make sure he doesn’t steal them all.

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 Malted Vanilla Ice Cream

When Thor wants homemade ice cream, he already has the necessary tools with his go-to recipe. With a typical, mortal ice-cream maker, mix up the ingredients and then fly (or drive) to your nearest convenience store for a bag of ice. Grab Mjolnir, or your own handy hammer, and smash the ice until it’s nicely crushed to add into the ice-cream maker. After a few cranks on the ice-cream machine, you’ll have god-worthy malted vanilla ice cream as a reward for all your hard work.

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Super Hero Sandwiches

For the occasional multi-universe superhero reunion, these super takes on sandwiches give you a glimpse into Thor’s personal cookbook. There’s a supersized “Man of Steel” grilled cheese for Superman, a one-of-a-kind Lone Ranger Western omelet sandwich, a powerful and grizzly (sloppy) beer-braised beef sandwich with razor-sharp fries for Wolverine, and more.

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