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New York City Now Boasts World’s Largest Gingerbread Village

First there was the gingerbread house and it was fine, if your name wasn’t Gretel. Next came the gingerbread cul-de-sac. It offered a decent amount of cookie goodness, but it wasn’t going to feed an entire football team. Now, however, there are entire gingerbread villages, each unique in its own edible splendor. Some of these villages are downright enormous, with a recently constructed New York City iteration being named world’s largest.

The gingerbread wonder was made by New York Chef Jon Lovitch and it clocks in at an amazing 1.5 tons of cookie. The village boasts several to-scale blocks, over sixty trees and an underground subway station. Every bit of it is edible, even though some pieces are older than others (it’s been under construction for almost a year.)

If you have a hankering to see this village with your eyes and your mouth, it will be on display until January 12th at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. Each visitor gets a piece to take home. If you don’t mind risking a broken tooth, take a bite!


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  5. savoieneal posted 09/15/2015

    The village boasts several to-scale blocks, over sixty trees and an underground subway station

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