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This French Cafe Charges Double if You Aren’t Polite

Manners are important. Holding doors open for people, saying your pleases and thank yous, refraining from eating your friend’s French fries. These are the hallmarks of a polite society. However, as anyone who has stood in a line can attest to, politeness is not always a given. This French bistro, though, gives one heck of an incentive to remain civilized.

La Petite Syrah in Nice, France has instituted a new policy. If you aren’t polite, your coffee and treats cost twice as much. The menu features a tiered format that offers different prices depending on how nice you are to the staff. Saying “please” and “thank you” and being generally amiable nets you the biggest reward. Being a major turd, however, will empty your wallet.

The cafe’s owner says that the new policy has made a noticeable difference in customer interactions, with people smiling more and being altogether nicer. Don’t expect this idea to travel across the pond, though. Being impolite is a God given American right.


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