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Science! This 3D Printer Makes Elaborate Recipes

Experts say its only a matter of time before 3D printers become as ubiquitous as the smartphone or at least the sewing machine. What are they? These tech marvels are just like regular printers, but handle 3D space. That means any gadget your heart desires can be whipped up in a jiffy. This now also pertains to food.

Introducing the Foodini, a 3D printer for the kitchen. You load the printer with sci-fi sounding “food capsules” and then tell it what recipe to make. Pretty soon you’ll be chowing down on said recipe. It seems to excel at repetitive tasks like making pasta and beef patties. Finally, even those of us who suck at cooking can have a sous chef to boss around the kitchen.

The Foodini will actually be on store shelves next year, and not in the year 2058 as the tech would suggest. Upon launch, the unit will cost around $1,300. In the meantime, you can always just buy pre-made dinners and pretend a robot printer made them.


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  1. bennie posted 05/20/2015

    I am an entrepreneur who wants to spice up my passion for cakes…I am wondering if this 3D printer can help me produce 3D sugar toppers for my cake…and what is the cost of this machine

  2. cuongytch2 posted 09/06/2015

    very hard work, thanks

  3. billjdat posted 09/15/2015

    Awesome technology. Now even we can create ice from 3d printer !!!

  4. sewingspecialist posted 10/07/2015

    I've seen some of the amazing things that 3D printers can make at the Science Museum in London. I never thought they would be used for food production, but when you think about it the possibilities are endless and very exciting!

  5. Alison_Hemming posted 10/07/2015

    It'll be similar to the food replicator on Star Trek!

    But seriously, it's is a great development. Will they be able to keep the food components separate, or will it all end up as a mush. I know that they can 3D print different materials, but it must be harder with food.

  6. jameslmartin posted 12/20/2015

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