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This Michigan Restaurant Hired an Alligator as a Greeter


When we think of alligators, we tend to imagine scenarios in which they skulk inside our houses at night and steal away with our children. We don’t, however, picture them making a decent living as a restaurant greeter.

Hold on to your (hopefully not) alligator skin wallets. A rambunctious gator named Wally just landed a sweet gig at a Michigan restaurant.  The eatery, appropriately named Cajun Gator, will open next week. Wally will lounge out front looking vicious and handing out those beeper things when it gets crowded.

Cajun Gator had to petition the city to allow Wally to obtain gainful employment. Fortunately, they voted 4-2 in his favor. It’s good to know that even in this economy, an honest lizard can pull up his boot straps and find some good restaurant work.


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