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Japanese Artist Makes Lamps Out of Loaves of Bread

Throughout the history of mankind, loaves of bread and light sources haven’t exactly seen eye to eye. As a matter of fact, there probably isn’t even one recorded instance of a baguette and some sweet track lighting hanging out. This long standing rivalry is about to end, however. And then God said let there be light (and carbs.)

A Japanese artist named Yukiko Morita has created a line of bread lamps called Pampshade. These lamps are made out of actual loaves of bread. The loaves are coated in resin and stuffed chockfull of LED lights. The result is a calm, restful glow that pretty much sums up how people feel when they are staring down a plate of crusty bread and fresh butter.

These bringers of yeasty radiance are available for purchase, however as of this writing they are not available in any shops in the good ole U.S. of A.

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  1. electricians posted 06/28/2014

    I appreciate Japanese Artist for making up such sorts of lamps that are really sound wonderful and by seeing those lamps I'm really very impressed. Thanks mate :)

  2. العاب طبخ posted 02/05/2015

    amazing post!
    Thanks mate

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