Alie & Georgia’s New Year’s Day Brunch

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, than some people (like, us) would argue that brunch is the most important meal of the weekend. And if that’s true (it is), then New Year’s Day brunch is the most important meal of the year.

While everyone else is putting their effort into making New Year’s Eve the most memorable night of the year (it won’t be), you’ll be voted “Smartest Person Alive” when you instead plan for the best brunch to ring in the first day of the new year. Invite your closest (and least hungover) friends — the ones you’d love to see more of this coming year — and plate up our perfect bite-sized brunch snacks. You’ll be the toast of 2014.

Mini Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches with Spicy Frittata (pictured above)

This two-bite breakfast of protein and carbs is the perfect mouthful to fuel your day of lounging and resolution-making.

Bacon Falafel Bites with Hummus

What is brunch without bacon? That was a trick question because everyone knows one doesn’t exist without the other. We put bacon in our falafel, because we know that everything is better with bacon.

Waffle Chicken Sliders with Maple Butter

Chicken & waffles. We don’t have to say more, right? Okay fine, how about maple butter? There.

Brunch Pizza

Brunch and pizza are two of the best words in the history of food. We put them together because we like you. You’re welcome.

Poker Chip Pancake Stacks with Maple & Cream Cheese Frosting

Like mini cakes that taste just like a giant stack of pancakes covered in syrup, these bites of buttermilk deliciousness are the perfect way to start a perfect year.

Up next, we’ll impart you with the best New Year’s Day brunch cocktails, because the Mimosa and Bloody Mary are SO 2013.

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