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Here is a Gourmet Deli Counter For Man’s Best Friend

Is there anything we won’t do for our furry companions? Pampering dogs has become quite a booming business, particularly in big cities. You can take your prized pooch to a massage parlor, a beauty salon and, yes, even a psychiatrist (dogs get bummed, too.) Now, thanks to a new German eatery, you can also take them to get some quality deli meats.

Germany has just unveiled the appropriately named Pets Deli, letting owners create fantastic meals for their companions. Each meal consists of a meat, a carb and vegetables. There are no animal byproducts or “crude proteins” here. Pets Deli is all about real, quality meat, and offers standard proteins like chicken and beef but also more exotic fare like kangaroo.

The meals are on the pricey side, clocking in at around $6-$8 for a single serving. Sure, that may be what you usually spend for an entire week’s worth of dog food but is anything too good for dear old Max?


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