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Dunkin’ Donuts India Debuts Series of ‘Tough Guy Burgers’

Somewhere along the narrative of corporately-sponsored human history, the notion of masculinity became irrevocably tied to eating giant cheeseburgers. Nowadays, there is nothing tougher than downing a few calorie-laden burgers, heart disease be damned. Dunkin’ Donuts India is taking that idea and running with it.

They just introduced their series of self-proclaimed ‘Tough Guy Burgers.’ It must be noted that Indian culture doesn’t abide by too much consumption of red meat, so these burgers consist of chicken and yams. The Tough Guy Chicken Burger contains a chicken and chorizo patty, slices of paprika chicken breast, spicy mustard and the usual accoutrements of lettuce, tomato and cheese. The Tough Guy Veg Burger contains the toughest veg of them all: yams. It also has onions, cheese and a country salad. Both sandwiches are topped by bagels.

The marketing advertises them as Huge! Rugged! and Spicy!, so you certainly wouldn’t want to run into anybody eating one in a dark alley.


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