Here is the Crogel, The World’s First Croissant and Bagel Hybrid

First there was the croissant and everyone was pretty happy. Next came the donut and people remained relatively happy. Finally, the Cronut combined both of these pastries and people got, well, hysterical. Where does society go from here? What can possibly top a half-croissant/half-donut mega-food? Well, the world’s first croissant and bagel hybrid is certainly gonna try.

Connecticut-based grocery store and bakery Stew Leonard’s has just unleashed the Crogel on an unsuspecting world. As the name suggests, the Crogel is the Cronut without the ‘nut’ and with a healthy dose of the ‘gel.” These morning delicacies feature everything you’ve come to expect from an awesome bagel, with the delicate layering of a croissant.

The Crogel is only available in Connecticut for now, but other breakfast-based entrepreneurs will no doubt catch wind of the idea and bring them to other locations shortly. Now, when will someone invent the Craffle?