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Today in Food Tech: Beer Opening Shirt and Miso Soup Maker

That great and powerful wizard known as technology never sleeps. This magician is constantly striving to improve our daily lives, or at least make them weirder. The kitchen, of course, is a constant source of inspiration for gadget makers and tinkerers. Here are some new gizmos that could make you even more excited about entering that kitchen to eat, drink or be merry.

First up, a shirt for dudes that is designed to help open ornery beer bottles. Clothing maker Criquet has designed a whole line of these shirts, which feature reinforced linings to make opening brewskis a breeze. You can get one for $85, or you could spend that same $85 and buy a whole bunch of beers. It’s up to you.

Next, a big machine whose only function is to make cups of miso soup. Cutting up tofu and chard is hard work! The One Shot by Marukome is sort of like an espresso machine, except it juts out miso soup. You can get one for around $94 or, again, you could spend that $94 and buy enough soup to make you sick.

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  1. anilisbest posted 01/04/2016

    haha brilliant

  2. jamestheking posted 01/04/2016

    When you think you've seen it all. LOL this is awesome. Has it become popular? I wonder… If you guys would like to check my blog out for anything from travel to toys, then please head over to thank you!!! :)

  3. Addie posted 05/25/2016

    It weighs under 10lbs and with a littler edge, it can without much of a stretch discover a spot on your kitchen rack. It is outline utilizing dark matte plastic with shades of chrome additionally display giving it a refined look.

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