This Donut Shop Stuffs Their Donuts with Chicken and Tops Them With Shrimp

Lately, all we seem to do with donuts is mix them with other things to get new pastries that end in ‘-nut.” The original still has some life in it, however. Case in point? Here is a Los Angeles donut shop that is, uh, slightly eccentric when it comes to topping them and stuffing them.

West Hollywood’s Glazed Donut Bistro serves all of your favorites, of course. Glazed is right there in the name after all. They also specialize in unconventional donuts that will either make you drool or wretch, depending on your predilection. Ever wanted a donut stuffed with fried chicken and served with house made honey maple dipping sauce? They do that. What about a Long John donut topped with shrimp salad? They do that too. All told, the bakery has a heaping ton of unusual creations, including donuts based on Monte Cristo sandwiches, mojitos and breakfast cereal.

So if you are in Southern California and have a hankering for some cholesterol, you could do a lot worse than this place.

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