Comfort Food Mash-Ups, Remixed: Caesar Salad + Pizza

Surfing the wave of mash-up mania that brought the world the Cronut™ and Ramen Burger, we decided to beat the winter by partnering with our brilliant culinary team in order to come up with THE most-indulgent comfort food. Together with Food Network, we’ve mashed up some classic comfort foods in unique — and dare we say, mind-blowing — ways.

The funny thing about mash-ups is that inevitably one of the foods is going to be more dominant. For example, if you wanted to mangia bene Italian-American-restaurant style, you might combine your pizza pie with a creamy Caesar salad. But does the salad get sprinkled on top of the pizza, or do you saddle the salad with little pizza-shaped croutons?

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be revealing the ways we mixed and remixed some of our favorite dishes, with one recipe appearing on Cooking Channel and the other on Food Network.

To start this mash-up mania, Cooking Channel transformed the Caesar salad into a dough-in-one meal with the addition of pizza-shaped croutons. “But this looks just like a regular Caesar salad,” you say? These triangular puffy pockets of bread are dusted with a transcendent sun-dried tomato-Parmesan-spice mixture that perfectly captures pizza’s complex combination of flavors.  Sprinkle the salad liberally with the leftover spice mix to impart that herby marinara kick to the whole dish.

What would you call this pairing? Would you give the dishes a different name on each site? Tell us in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Click here to get Cooking Channel’s Caesar Salad with Pizza Croutons recipe, then head to Food Network to check out their Caesar Salad Pizza recipe.

Stay tuned next Monday for more of our remixed mash-ups.

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