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Tiffani Thiessen’s Dinner Party Secrets and More

Actress Tiffani Thiessen likes to throw intimate dinner parties at her house for her celebrity friends. She let us film them. We call it Dinner at Tiffani’s. Tune in for Tiffani’s favorite home-cooked dishes (Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta, for example), delicious drinks (Blackberry Cocktail, for another) and entertaining stories from Tiffani’s celebrity guests.

We caught up with Tiffani to ask her about her hosting style, her favorite restaurants and more.

Cooking Channel: How would you describe your hosting style?
Tiffani Thiessen: Relaxed, warm, inviting and fun with a big side of silly.

CC: What’s your top secret to hosting a successful dinner party?
TT: Making your guests feel at home. Alcohol really does help, too!

CC: What’s your signature dish?
TT: Wow, I’m not sure if I have one. My husband would say his favorite dish is my roasted chicken or anything Mexican. My daughter would say my mac and cheese or chicken and waffles.

CC: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure food?
TT: Cheese, cheese and, oh yes … cheese!!!!!!

CC: What’s the best place to eat in Beverly Hills?
TT: If you’re adventurous I would say Picca. I am also still dying to try Maude. You’d think that by knowing the chef and his wife I could get reservations? LOL.

CC: Which food person do you most admire?
TT: Wow, I admire so many. It’s hard to pick one so I will pick three … wait four. Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Dan Kluger and my dear friend Maili Halme.

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  2. V. Hogue posted 03/24/2014

    Love the Show!!!! Keep them coming

  3. Joanne posted 03/24/2014

    just saw your show big fan Of your have been watching you for years since saved by the bell. I am a mom of 3 and do not like to cook i fail very often. I loved the recipes you had on tonights show . I am having a dinner party in two week so making the fig and ricotta and yogurt dessert. Wish I could cook as good as you. you made it look so easy. Can not wait for next show.

  4. Susan posted 03/24/2014

    Me too, love the show!!! And your guest were great, I wanted it to go on & on maybe washing the dishes, just kidding. Can't wait to see more episodes, happy face!!!

  5. terry posted 03/24/2014

    I enjoyed your show. The atmosphere was wasn't staged but homy. It made you want to be there. And that doesn't even mention the food. When are you going to post the recipies?


  6. Fabiano Ronzoni Chiminelli posted 03/24/2014

    The best tiffani . kisses from Brasil . Forever…. Please lock my face………

  7. Michelle posted 03/28/2014

    Seriously great show! I love watching the dinner conversations and cocktail conversations that happen in the kitchen and at the table. I have always loved Tiffani, and this show makes me feel like I'm one of her dinner guests. More, please!

  8. Ellen posted 03/30/2014

    Not only is the dinner TIffani made so approachable, all these people are as well. I cannot imagine how hard it is to be a celebrity and maintain authentic relationships. The laughter and friendship made me smile and laugh along with them. I look forward to making this entire meal myself to share with my own dear friends. Please make more of these episodes! I will definitely be watching.

  9. sheri posted 03/31/2014

    I made the Brussels sprouts which were awesome, I didn't have pancetta I used bacon but still changed my mind about sprouts. Thank you, waiting for your next show.

  10. DC posted 04/01/2014

    Here's another vote for more episodes – Tiffani is charming and my wife and I love the format of the show!

  11. Homepage posted 04/02/2014

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  12. Shakira posted 05/17/2014

    When will there be another show???????

  13. […] to the Cooking Channel website, Thiessen "likes to throw intimate dinner parties at her house for her celebrity friends," which is […]

  14. […] to the Cooking Channel website, Thiessen “likes to throw intimate dinner parties at her house for her celebrity […]

  15. […] to the Cooking Channel website, Thiessen “likes to throw intimate dinner parties at her house for her celebrity […]

  16. […] to the Cooking Channel website, Thiessen “likes to throw intimate dinner parties at her house for her celebrity […]

  17. […] spoke with the Cooking Channel in March 2014 when the first episode of the show was filmed. Tiffani cooked Balsamic Glazed […]

  18. Tonio Barber posted 02/26/2015

    She is just another person who wants a cooking show but is trying to IMPRESS everyone with the people she knows. I'm am nor IMPRESSED. Why can't she just cook for US and not put on airs. I don't know who thinks we are impressed by all of the cooks who can't stand on their own. We watch FOOD NET WORK AND COOKING CHANNEL to see preparing dishes not by who eats them.

    • Midge posted 03/02/2015

      Wow you sound like a very frustrated and angry person. I absolutely love her show – it's fresh and inviting. What's with the "I am nor IMPRESSED". Don't understand – what does that mean. Oh and by the way she prepares the dishes while you watch – so what's the big deal?

    • Pat Long posted 07/03/2015

      UHM … If you don't like something, or someone, rather than let your spiteful, envious (jealous much) venom sprew onto a blog, why now just keep your opinion to yourself, and scroll on by. Kinda like what I should have done, but I was just like WOW?? REALLY???
      I've never seen the "airs" you refer to, her food is very approachable from the every-day chef point of view, and personally, I love her quirky sense of humor. That she has Celebrity Friends, well, LOL, these are "Work Buddies" of hers. You have heard of the term, "Friends" I presume, or maybe you really are the troll that lives alone under the bridge (again, jealous much??) . by the way, Hope you have a Great Day, and that someone give you a GENUINE SMILE.

  19. Tzitsmiss posted 03/25/2015

    Tonio barber you're pathetic watch another program!

  20. Cory Perdue posted 03/29/2015

    I love Tiffany's new show she's a wonderful lady and a very sexy woman

  21. TBird posted 04/07/2015

    I really enjoy Tiffany's cooking show, YOU are just adorable, so refreshing and just a natural. Your recipes are no-nonsense but made to empress anyone who enjoys eating great everyday food! I have a list of your recipes I can't wait to make. Warm hugs to your show.

    • Ellen S.B. posted 04/10/2015

      The bacon with fennel sounds great. I bought the stuff ready to try it. Not jealous at all Tonio Barber. She makes it work with just a few guests.

  22. Anna Maria posted 04/16/2015

    Absolutely great show!!!!!! When are coming out with a cookbook?

  23. Sharon posted 04/16/2015

    Love Tiffani and her show. I make my potato salad almost like yours except I use Dill pickles instead of sweet, dry mustard instead of wet and vinegar instead of pickle juice it's southern style potato salad. Same basic ingredients, and we use the whole egg too, makes it prettier too. I might have to try the pickle juice instead of vinegar next time sounds good, but hate sweet pickles so can't go there and the dry mustard makes it less runny and has a better flavor (I think anyway) try it sometime I think you'll appreciate it. One of the few shows where I would actually eat what is made.

    • Pat posted 04/27/2015

      Try dill pickle juice instead. Also, I like a little bit of relish, dill or sweet in my potatoe salad.

  24. Cassie Litvak posted 04/24/2015

    I enjoyed your show and I wanted to ask you about your great mixer. My sister cooks & her 50th birthday is coming up & I wanted to know is it an electric mixer? Where did you get yours ? (I live in N Y). Thank you, your new loyal show fan, Cassie

  25. Lisa F posted 04/25/2015

    I love the show, keep the episodes coming. Also, I love that she wears a apron

    • Heidi Byjornsen posted 04/08/2016

      I also love that she wears an apron. I have young kiddos that I am teaching, in the kitchen. We start out with hair pulled back, wash hands & wear an apron. I believe that if you are cooking you should start out that way!!

  26. Nita posted 04/26/2015

    Just started watching your show. Love it so much. I love to cook and have passion for food. You're so natural in what you do. I hope that your show will go on forever.

  27. Kathleen Reeser posted 04/30/2015

    I really Love her show,she is very relatable and I like to learn new tricks.One thing I would like to see is where to buy some of the tools and kitchen products she uses.
    This is my new favorite show,keep them coming.

  28. Donna Sue posted 05/01/2015

    Absolutely our favorite cooking show! Tiffani deserves kudos' for well-thought out menus that are perfect for entertaining as they are for just a family meal. The recipes are easy to execute, never demand too much time or hard to get ingredients. My husband and I just love Tiffani's personality, she is adorable. Dinner at her home would be a hoot and I bet she'd make a great guest at ours. Tiffani has quickly become "family" – we look forward to Wednesday nights!

  29. Kathy vanway posted 05/06/2015

    You are such a fun person. Watched you for years. I'm learning how to cook. So now your teaching me…lol

  30. ladyj1980 posted 05/07/2015

    Love this show! Have always loved Tiffani and Fastlane was so underrated and gone too soon. This might sound silly but does anyone know where she gets her aprons from? They're so contemporary and stylish. I especially like the pink one with the grey straps. Keep up the good work on the show!

  31. Leslie posted 05/13/2015

    Love this show, recipe, entertains ideas, and table settings, I have made all your menus for friends and family and have gotten rave reviews, keep this show on and write a cook book! On your old school show you used a pretty blue pie pan, what brand is it, I would love to buy one.

  32. Leslie posted 05/13/2015

    I meAnt to add this with my earlier post. Your menus and recipes are so good, you don't really need your guest stars, your food is the star!

  33. Jamie posted 05/14/2015

    Love the show! Hope you get to read this, you cook what I love and make, going through some tough times and your show gives m e comfort, use to raise chickens, fun fun! Good luck to you and a new begging n g of reinventing yourself, which I need to work on! Love Jamie

  34. Kristen posted 05/22/2015

    I love the show!! I'm a huge fan and can't wait for the next episode. I really enjoy hosting dinner parties but am always so stressed out trying to plan, cook, and entertain, etc. You make it look so easy. Would you ever consider hosting a live show or a dinner party / cooking class? I'd love to attend. Kristen

  35. Anna Maria Bastone posted 06/18/2015

    Tiffany Thiesen – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come out with a cookbook. I absolutely love your show! You make it look so easy!

  36. marty posted 07/08/2015

    can you tell what blush and lip colors you use,…….love them? name and brand please!


  37. Linda posted 07/15/2015

    I really love her show. I tried the rosemary cocktail and it was delicious.

  38. Yanet Rodriguez posted 08/08/2015

    Love it..good look !

  39. Kelly posted 08/27/2015

    The show is really fun to watch, but I was wondering what are the measuring beakers that Tiffani uses?

  40. Naomi posted 09/14/2015

    I love your show real easy to watch and very entertaining and your cooking is great , the table setting give great ideas. My sister even watches she watch you for 2hrs on Saturday and was hook. You are my new favorite show.

  41. Annie posted 01/14/2016

    Just saw your show for the first time, loved your receipes, can't wait to try them, will continue to watch your show.

  42. Kelly posted 01/26/2016

    Love this show!

  43. Shelby posted 05/24/2016

    SWEET!!!!SWEET!!!!! Tiffani, I think your show is Great. I love when you talk about your family and friends. And your cooking is so much fun to watching. And thank you so much for making it super easy to print all of your recipes, Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta just saying. You Go GIRL!!!!

  44. Eileen posted 05/30/2016

    Love the show!! Made your chicken pot pies–delicious!!! Love all your guests and that cute hubby of yours!!

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    I look forward to making this entire meal myself to share with my own dear friends.

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  48. e-medsx posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Tiffani Thiessen is a great actress and a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing some of her party secrets.

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