Tokyo Chef Perfects Art of Making Incredibly Small Sushi

Sushi is one of the greatest foods on Earth. Whether it’s a California roll at some stupid buffet or a plate of freshly prepared sashimi, you can be sure your stomach will be pretty pumped (not the best word choice.) However, what if an entire roll, or even one piece of a roll, is simply too much food for you to endure? Then it’s time to go with some tiny sushi.

Over the last thirteen years, a chef in Tokyo has perfected the art of making ridiculously minuscule pieces of sushi. Just how small are they? Two or three pieces could easily fit on one of your fingernails. If only they had this when Rick Moranis accidentally shrunk his kids.

According to reports, these tiny cuts of fish are actually pretty tasty. Of course, you’d need to eat approximately 2,000 of them to get full, but who’s counting?