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Now There is a Museum of Coffee Machines

It used to be that museums were exclusively the purview of dinosaur bones and paintings of old rich dudes. Things have changed, however. Nowadays, there are museums for bad art, tap water and even dog collars. Well, you can add coffee machines to that list.

Introducing the Museum of Coffee Machines, located in Milan, Italy. The whole thing is run by Italian coffee machine manufacturer Gruppo Cimbali and features recreations of the kinds of coffee bars that existed through various decades of the 20th century. For caffeine junkies, this could really hit the spot.

So if you ever find yourself in Italy, forget all of those boring cathedrals and sumptuous meals. Go look at some espresso machines instead!

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  1. David posted 04/10/2014

    Lots of information is here you've share but your coffee machine and coffee maker writing concept is more delighted to me. Which helps me a lot to enjoy delicious coffee at my home.

  2. michelfedrick posted 06/10/2014

    Wow…! Combination of painting and coffee machines looks awesome. I like to know more about coffee machines and I had some trendy collections of coffee machines in my home. But I am truly surprised after seeing this and I can't believe this much of collections, this is unbelievable. If I get a chance to visit Milan, sure I will go to this museum.

  3. here posted 03/05/2015

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  4. Anjelica posted 02/27/2016

    Thanks for this post. After seeing this post, I really speechless. There are so many coffee makers. I want to visit this Museum. So many varieties type of coffee machine are there.

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