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The 26-Layer Alphabet Sandwich

Trying to teach your kids about the alphabet? Sure, you could make them memorize the order the old fashioned way, via that ridiculous catchy song. Or, if you were feeling industrious, you could make a gigantic sandwich that utilizes each and every letter in said alphabet. That’s what this blogger did.

Nick from renowned food blog Dude Foods has just unveiled his most ambitious creation yet, the Alphabet Sandwich. This 26-layer (28 if you count the buns) mega-wich includes ingredients from every single letter of the alphabet. “A” is for avocado; “B” is for bacon; “K” is for, uh, Krispy Kreme donuts. This monster also includes ramen noodles, pepperoni and, of course, fish sticks. Let’s hear it for learning!

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  1. Sandwich option posted 08/11/2014

    Oh, sandwich. Sandwich! Love it very much.

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