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California Restaurant Tempts Fate With Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Sandwich

Photo: Sara Norris

All hail the mighty cinnamon roll. This hearty dessert has been the subject of both classic comedy bits and stern lectures from cardiologists for years. Now, thanks to an industrious California chef, it is becoming the stuff of breakfast sandwich legend.

Chef Matt Gordon of San Diego’s Sea & Smoke has juts unveiled his ode to coronary disease, a cinnamon roll breakfast sandwich. As the name suggests, it entails a bunch of savory breakfast foods being stuffed into a cinnamon roll. Once you embark down this particular rabbit hole, you may as well roll with it. As such, the sandwich contains two meats in the form of ham and bacon. It’s rounded out with eggs, white cheddar and maple syrup. Also, it looks really, really (really) good.

If you ever find yourself in San Diego, you can grease up your afternoons by hitting this ‘wich for brunch which is available every day.


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  1. B.J. Rassam posted 04/17/2014

    That sandwich is an awful bunch of calories in one meal!

  2. Sandwich option posted 08/11/2014

    Yea, sandwich is awesome to see delicious to eat and I'm loving it.

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