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Just in Time For Easter: Jellybean-Flavored Milk

Easter. It is a time for solemn reflection on the death and rebirth of deities. It’s also a time to eat a whole boatload of egg-shaped chocolate, chick-shaped marshmallows and jellybeans. But what if you recently got into a brutal bar fight, leaving your jaw absolutely useless? How will you consume massive quantities of jellybeans? Don’t worry, young pugilists, there is now jellybean-flavored milk.

That’s right. All of the sugary joy inherent in those tiny beans can now be yours to drink down by the gallon. Illinois-based Prairie Farms Dairy company has just released a line of jellybean-flavored milk. The consistency is thick and the color is magenta. It may look eerily like Pepto Bismol, but according to those that have tried it, it tastes more like something resembling strawberry milk.

If you are in the Illinois area, pick up a half gallon and make this Easter a bizarre one.


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