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11 Best Video Games About Food

Video games are usually about muscular mercenaries fighting off bands of blood-thirsty aliens or not-so muscular plumbers fighting off bands of anthropomorphic turtles. However, once in a while games are released in which food is the primary concern. Here is a list of the best video games based on culinary delights.

11 Best Video Games About Food


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  1. James posted 07/05/2014

    Really nice article and I love to read your post. You share nice information about games.

  2. play to learn posted 07/05/2014

    Nice games, my little child always asking me about fruits games like ninja fruit mania. He like it so much. You also share some good games and I know he will definitely like them.

  3. Jasa Pembuatan Web posted 08/23/2014

    I am actually getting ready to across this information which i found very interesting to read.

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