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Your Favorite Foodie Instagrams

After our initial post of Favorite Foodie Instagrams last week, we were happily inundated with suggestions for other great food ’grammers to follow and were overwhelmed by the beautiful, drool-inducing photos on those accounts. Because we love nothing more than viewer feedback on our posts (note: mostly when positive!), here are a few more awesome foodie Instagram accounts, suggested by you!

Let Me Eat Cake

The battle cry of this ’grammer’s name is one we can get behind, and the luxurious photos of pies, ice cream and cakes will have your sweet tooth buzzing. Nastassia is a queen of all things sugary sweet, and we’re happy to support her reign.

I Can Always Eat

Chris and Nat, based in Los Angeles, love to eat out, and we love them for that. Beautiful minimalist shots of perfectly plated dishes will have you scrolling this account for hours on end. Trust us. We’ve done it.


Rosie Alyea’s Instagram can be summed up with one word: “pretty.” Pretty photos of pretty desserts, both homemade and dine-out. She’s pretty, her daughters are pretty, and her life seems awesomely, overwhelmingly pretty.


Comments (4)

  1. actorsdiet posted 04/25/2014

    YES! I was with Let Me Eat Cake that very day – here’s my pic of her taking that ice cream pic!

  2. Nastassia posted 04/26/2014

    Ahh love this thank you so much!!!

  3. Madison Boake posted 02/07/2015

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  4. Obat Eye Floaters posted 05/14/2016

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