Frozen Beer Finally Makes Its Way to North America

Due to the fact that we are now living in some kind of Roland Emmerich film, this summer is expected to be particularly nasty (after a similarly nasty winter.) So, we are going to need all the relief we can get. Cue up your ice cream makers and smoothie machines. However, those aren’t the only delicious treats we can consume. Frozen beer has finally made its way to this continent.

Frozen beer hails from Japan, where it’s been sating thirsty mouths since 2010. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a beer slushie. Several bars and restaurants throughout Toronto have begun serving the drink and it just became available at Dodgers baseball games. According to tasters, it is a refreshing respite from a hot day. Also, it gets you really drunk.

There has been no word on when and if the beverage would make its way to other North American cities.