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Architects Design Restaurant That Grows Their Veggies on the Wall

Nowadays, many restaurants grow their own produce. The proprietors find room wherever they can, usually in a small backyard garden. However, what if the actual restaurant itself could serve as both dining room and garden? That’s exactly the idea behind this architecturally incredible eatery.

Designed by a team of French architects, and to be unveiled at the Expo Milano 2015 in Italy, this concept eatery is covered in ornate latticework whereupon fruits, vegetables and herbs can be grown. That’s right. The produce grows right on the walls. The whole thing uses advanced hydroponic processes to make the veggie growing go off without a hitch. It’s like something out of Willy Wonka, only a whole lot healthier.

You’ll have some to wait before you can check this out for yourself, however. The Expo Milano doesn’t get underway until May 1st, 2015.

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