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Hump Day Snack: Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

Picture this. Come Monday, your guests are stuffed to the brim with hot dogs, running on their third scoop of potato salad and just nearing the dessert course. It’s then, at your party’s peak, that you slide this Banana Split Ice Cream Cake out of the freezer, only to leave their ketchup-stained mouths gaping open in dumbfounded glee. This cake goes beyond the classic sundae, if that is even possible. Starting from the top, this reimagined split stacks pineapple sundae topping over vanilla ice cream, over hot fudge, over chocolate ice cream over strawberry sundae topping over strawberry ice cream over sliced bananas, all resting on a chocolate cookie crust. And it doesn’t end there. Like any good banana split, this one comes topped with the mandatory blanket of whipped cream, chopped walnuts and maraschino cherries.

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  1. Mary Gaige posted 06/17/2014

    I have not been able to figure our how to register a complaint having to do with a program called Siba's Table. This came up in the blog search "siba".

    This show seems to have been originated from food network UK. It needs to stay there. The ingredients are not found in america, (gammon and digestive busquits) and the measurements stated in metric/celcius. I, as an American viewer was not able to follow her instruction except for the two or three non standard "squige" statements.

    Please let your programming department to try to find something else. American audiences are lost watching this show.

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