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Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos’ Favorite Wines

When you visit certain regions of Italy and get lost in the multitude of flavors that are so specific to the land, the simple thought of not bringing home some food is in general inadmissible. Parmigiano, lardo, salame, extra virgin olive oil, a couple bottles of wine you just need to have your friends try. How many times did I pack it all up in the dirty laundry secured in my luggage, then fly back home, hoping that the smell of a hot and humid summer on my tank tops would be enough to trick that brown beagle roaming the basement of JFK airport with a USDA agent on its leash?

As the world is shrinking, though, many of the ingredients you can savor while traveling through the bel paese are now somewhat available in the United States — and more so on the Internet. Once you have developed a taste for something Italian that you cannot live without, rest assured that with a little research, chances are you can relive your tasteful experience back home, wherever that might be.

Whenever we travel to Fiesole, Italy, one of our excuses for bouncing around villages like pinballs is to taste all the new batches of the wines we are fond of, make notes of new ones we discover along the way and occasionally buy a couple of cases.

Growing up on a farm, I developed a taste for cheap young farmers wine; while I surely can appreciate a good vintage or a more fully bodied wine in general, my heart is settled for young Chianti. I spent my youth bottling big jars of wine that my family either produced or bought from neighbor farms. My mom and I would syphon wine into traditional flasks, seal them closed and store them in our dark and humid cellar; to this day I cherish doing that when I am home in Fiesole. That is the only kind of wine you would find in our house, besides the fact that in Brooklyn we do not have room for a wine collection, so we never buy more than a couple of bottles at the time, and they’re usually from farms we know.

Here are some Chiantis that Debi and I love to drink while in Italy and also buy here in the U.S. Please note, we rarely think in terms of “wine pairings”: We always have a bottle open in the kitchen, we drink mostly red wine, we are very loyal to the flavors of Tuscany, and at the table, wine is as important as water.

Chianti Ruffino, Riserva Ducale

Chianti Fattoria Montecchio

Chianti Pacina

Chianti Classico Castello di Brolio

Chianti Castello di Volpaia


Comments (8)

  1. Karen posted 05/30/2014

    Just saw your episode on building a rooftop garden. You need a hydroponic garden with towers. Saves space, less water, no dirt.

  2. Francesca and Bill posted 06/02/2014

    We watched your yard sale show, my husband and I are in our early eighties and we commented that you two will still be in love at our age. Keep saying "I love you" and the rest is easy!

  3. mary posted 06/04/2014

    i absolutely love the show and i watch it faithfully..even re-runs, i love it all. Your show is fun, entertaining and very informative. Wishing you lots of continued love and success. mary

  4. Jacqueline L Zych posted 06/21/2014

    I look forward to your show every week. All the recipes I have tried are amazing and my families and friends ask me for them. Thank you for your enthusiasm for the Italian culture and especially Tuscan cuisine, but what makes your show so amazing is the love you have for each other and your two beautiful girls. God Bless you what a beautiful family and life.

  5. Linda posted 09/06/2014

    I join the others above in their praise for your show and your lifestyle. I have always wanted to travel to Italy – probably will never have the opportunity – but your show allows me a virtual trip that I look forward to every episode. Your show is consistently informative, beautiful, and captivating. I hope Cooking Channel realizes what a jewel they have in both of you. And yes, your food is wonderful and delectable!

  6. Laura Jones posted 04/12/2015

    I have only been to Italy once and long to return to "the old country" as my Italian grandparents used to call their homeland. I thrill at watching your episodes in Italy. When Debi said, "Gimme a kiss, you look so sexy," I fell in love with you both. Love all the episodes! The food and your beautiful family.

  7. Gloria posted 05/19/2015

    I love your show! I love that you cook together, love your recipes, but mostly i love the way you express love for each other and your children. GOD bless your family, and may you stay on the air for a long long time. I will always be a fan!!

  8. Cynthia Nilles posted 12/05/2015

    I used to turn on the news first thing in the morning, now I watch the best show on the Food Network. I love watching Debi and Gabrielle interact. The shows from Tuscany make me feel like I am there. I love to see what Debi is wearing–her style is beautiful! My daughter and I cook a lot and Gabrielle's dishes don't seem difficult to make. I am going to step out of my comfort zone and make gnocchi, amp up my sauce with capers and anchovies. I'm rambling but I can't say enough about Debi, Gabrielle and this wonderful entertaining, educational show.

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