This Edible Mist Machine Lets You Enjoy Bacon and Ice Cream Without the Calories

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There are the foods we love because we know they are good for us and keep us on the planet longer — stuff like kale and asparagus. Then there are the foods we love because they taste really good and we need them in our lives. Bacon and ice cream fall squarely into the latter category. Unfortunately, we can’t eat bacon and ice cream all day or else we’ll die (happy.) Some industrious foodies in England have created a machine that lets us inhale our favorite foods without the calories and fat.

The Edible Mist Machine uses “ultrasonic vaporization” to extract the goodness from our favorite foods and turn it into mist we can inhale with a straw like a crazy person. The mist is currently available in over 200 flavors, with more on the way. Heck, the creators will even make a personalized mist out of whatever you desire, like your ex-girlfriend’s hair or that odd smell in your grandmother’s closet.

They are currently available to rent for parties in the U.K. or you can buy your own for the modest price of $8,400. That’d buy you a whole lot of bacon and ex-girlfriend hair.